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Our Services

“ALFA TRANSLATION” translation agency offers a full range of services as well as to corporate clients and individuals. We deal with more than 60 languages of the world; notary certifying translations and apostillize official documentations. In our agency professional translations are provided into Russian, English, Turkish, Chinese and many other languages. Our specialists provide quality translation of the medical texts of any complexity. By the way, this kind of translation is considered to be the most difficult and it requires special qualifications and deep knowledge of the terminology in such a specific field. “Alfa Translation” employees cope even with a pharmaceutical translation. We provide any translation from English into Russian, from Russian into Spanish and other languages. Do not forget that the most popular and in-demand service was and still is the document’s and text’s translations. “Alfa Translation” professionals provide a full range of services of linguistic support to your business. By the way interpretations were and still are the priority area of our company. Our employees also have skills of simultaneous translation, as it is known it is a top class of linguistic skill. We provide this service for events of any level and scale. Professionals “Alfa Translation” perfectly performed simultaneous translation into many languages. Our specialists are polishing up their skills of technical translation for a long time. Thus, they have gathered an enormous experience in this case. This is exactly what allows us to provide professional translations of technical documentation of any complexity. We have realized dozens of large translational projects for international corporations. Those specialists especially succeeded in this field, who translated from Russian into English. It is clear that big business cannot do without economic translations. Our employees provide accurate translations of a full range of finance papers. Specialists of our company also easily cope with legal texts. It is necessary to emphasize that those major international financial and legal companies, banks and government institutions entrust us with their business. One of the main tasks for companies seeking to enter international markets is to translate website and adjust it under the appropriate language, region and culture. But don’t forget that the main language of the Internet space is still English. Our employees will translate from Russian into English in the shortest time. So with their help you will easily discover the irreplaceable foreign representation of your company in the World Wide Web! Moreover, “Alfa Translation” specialists will help you to adapt your resource under the socio-cultural features of the region, where you open a new Internet branch. Thus, you will be able to get on well with your potential partners and clients easily. Translation and Apostille of the official documents are often necessary for people, who decided to move to another country or to go abroad for an education or a real estate purchase. Our employees will help you with this. You will receive all the necessary documents in the shortest time and at moderate prices. Recently urgent document translations are becoming more and more in-demand in Bishkek. The city is growing rapidly and the pace of life is accelerating therefore. “ALFA TRANSLATION” translation agency is continually improving the system of language translation in order to meet the high demands of our customers completely. It is important that the costs for linguistic services are quite affordable. We follow the principle ‘’fair prices” without groundless extra charge. Thus, you can be acquainted with the final cost of text translation before the work start. By the way, our company offers to its customers significant discounts up to 10%-15%. The main task of “Alfa Translation” - professional language translations from widely-used business languages of any amount and complexity.